Standard Plastic Embedding Protocol

Stock materials

  • 0.1 M phosphate buffer, pH 7.4 (PB)
  • 100% Acetone
  • 100% anhydrous MeOH and 75%, 85%, 95% MeOH in dH2O
  • DMP30
  • Eponate resin
  • DDSA

Mixing Active Resin: Mix resin fresh or thaw from freezer. Work quickly to prevent components from hydrating. Wear gloves as these components may cause contact dermatitis and the synthesis of certain components involves potential carcinogens. Prepare under a hood.

Fixative Recipes

  • Mix 2 volumes DDSA and 1 volume Medcast gently by hand with a spatula until the solution is clear (2-5 minutes)
  • Add 0.6 ml DMP30 per 30 ml resin; Mix gently as before until clear (2-5 minutes). Solution will darken as the activated epoxide begins to bind oxygen.
  • Use immediately or store in 30-60 cc syringe in the freezer. Expel all air before freezing and plug syringe with a wooden dowel. Do not cap with a needle or plastic cover as they will leak air.

Dehydration and Infiltration Schedule: All volumes 5-10 ml unless noted otherwise. This procedure is designed for tissue samples < 1 mm thickness, presumed to be in fixative.

  • 10 m PB
  • 10 m 75% MeOH
  • 10 m 85% MeOH
  • 10 m 95% MeOH
  • 10 m 100% MeOH
  • 10 m 100% MeOH
  • 10 m 100% Acetone
  • 10 m 100% Acetone
  • 60 m 50% resin in acetone
  • 4-20 h 75% resin in acetone
  • 60 m 100% resin
  • Embed samples in fresh resin in molds and cure at 60-65 deg C overnight
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